Welcome to the wondrous world of The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree. Here is where myth reanimates as truth, and fantasy blends back into real life. Visit the Gallery to see images of our live workshops with children in the San Francisco Bay Area. Peruse all the lovely Cacao Love Letters sent in by chocolate lovers everywhere. And don't forget to check out the "Good For You" section to learn just how healthy chocolate is.

Some of these doors guard a deeper layer of knowledge, of things not everyone can see—and to unlock them, you must hold the key. The key only a Cacao Code Seeker holds. Are you a Cacao Code Seeker?  If you are, enter the site through this portal.* 

* To become a Cacao Code Seeker, you must hold a copy of JCT that you bought or that someone (for example Birgitte) has gifted to you. You will need an active Cacao Code Seeker user account to access the hidden content on this site. Have a copy of JCT but no user account yet?  Email us the receipt and we'll get you set up!