Please be very, very quiet. You are in the JCT Vault. The Vault holds things that have never been published. Things like deleted chapters. Questions you've always wanted to ask but didn't know where or of whom.

But only Cacao Code Seekers, those holding the key to the Vault, may enter. If you have in your possession a copy of the book, you are entitled to that key, and to holding the title of Cacao Code Seeker. 

If you are a Cacao Code Seeker, welcome!  Log in below.

If you wish to become a Cacao Code Seeker, you can get the book here on my site, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo. Note! If you purchase with a third-party retailer, please email me your receipt as proof-of-purchase and we'll give you access to the Vault and all other access-restricted areas of the Cacao Stories microsite.

Photo credit: the cropped image of the the vault used as a thumbnail for this section on the main landing page is used here as a Creative Commons image license.