What is true vision?

Electric cars and solar cells, stock markets and mobile phones, coffee and cargo ships, footsteps on the moon and the half-life of songs. 

What they all have in common might surprise you.

The Visionary drives through a cascading commentary on the nature of time, light, and the human capacity for vision, exhorting us to re-imagine and reconfigure the systems and habits that have rendered us completely blind to our own potential.

An unrelenting fusion of fiction and real life, this inspirational critique of modern Western society is at once poetic and raw. The Visionary will make you "think different."

Includes a special section on real-life grassroots visionaries.

Get your daily Mayan energies.

Discover how the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Calendar can enrich your life with the power of the daily energies encoded within the naguals of sacred time.  Thousands of people already have.

Let The Serpent and the Jaguar be your guide on a journey through the most influential of the Mayan Calendars, the sacred Tzolkin.

Birgitte Rasine’s The Serpent and the Jaguar stands out among the plethora of recent books on Mayan calendars by offering us a profoundly practical approach to the Tzolk’in, guiding readers in applying the wisdom of the ancient “count of suns” to their own daily lives.

— Robert Sitler, PhD
Director, Latin American Studies, Stetson University

Can a patient's silence kill the doctor?

A respected physician in Cordoba, Spain, receives a mysterious phone call—a request to attend to the ailing daughter of a wealthy but secretive family in Madrid.  What seems to be a routine house call quickly turns into a disturbing labyrinth of intrigue and mystery, and a fight for the girl’s life.

Verse in Arabic was named a finalist in the 2013 Press 53 Open Awards.

Birgitte Rasine's mysterious Verse in Arabic pulled me in and held me from beginning to end. Beautifully written, this story continues to demonstrate that Rasine is an uncommonly gifted writer.

—­­ Don Thompson
Author, playwright, and film producer 
If your faith could confess, what would it tell you?

A secret dialogue between a businessman and a priest takes place against the backdrop of a papal address humming through the Vatican plaza, questioning uncomfortable truths of the Catholic faith and exploring what really goes on in the minds of the devout… of any faith.

Read the story that will change the way you think about religion.

Birgitte Rasine’s Confession brilliantly traverses mind and soul, intuition and intellect, history and timelessness, reaching deftly into the deeper meaning and life purpose reflected in the profound and inane alike.  Sparked by a personal journey of the author’s own, Confession is sure to stop us in our tracks. ...allow yourself to taste the wisdom found here.  There’s nothing quite like it!

—­­ Dr. Jim Young
Spiritual author and inspirational speaker 
Chancellor Emeritus, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 
President Emeritus, State University of New York at Potsdam
Would you bet your lifetime on a single number?

Traveling in the Russian countryside on a trip home after many years abroad, a young expatriot finds himself lost one night in a small town.  He stumbles into an underground casino, and his life changes forever—overnight.  But it’s not the kind of “golden jackpot” story you might expect… or ever hope for yourself.

Compared by some readers to the chilling narratives of fellow Czech-born Franz Kafka, “Bakaly” reads unforgiving and raw, just like the hard, cutting vodka its two main characters drink during the fateful game of roulette they play on that dark, dark night.

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