Work is in full swing on our coloring book companion to “The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree.” The illustrations are beautifully detailed and just complex enough so you can make them your own, regardless of your age—or coloring ability.  Color in all your favorite characters: Max, Itzel, Luna, the Black Jaguar, the Feathered Serpent... fly with a stingless bee through a whirl of flowers, walk down the path of a cacao grove, behold Columbus as he meets the Maya captain of a canoe loaded with cacao.

The book comes out this fall, as it takes several days for our artist to produce each drawing (she's doing them all by hand!) but we couldn’t wait to share this little sneak preview with you. It's a coloring sampler in PDF format, formatted for both US and A4 standard paper sizes, so you can print it out right at home and color away.

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How to become a Cacao Code Seeker:  You need to have read the book. To request a Cacao Code Seeker account, you just need to email us your receipt if you've bought the book (either print or digital), or if you received the book as a gift, send us an email telling us how you received the book—and we'll ask you a secret question from the story.