the CAST


The cast of characters in JCT is rather diverse—kids, parents and grandparents, talking animals and mythic beasts, Maya kings and Mesoamerican deities. And the pollinators. Meet them all!

Click or tap on a name to read more. If you’ve already read the book, and you think you know them inside and out, think again. Here we disclose things you won’t find in the book!

Meeting the JCT cast is like going backstage at a concert. Okay, it's not Beyoncé, but mythic animals and gods are something to be respected too, ya know? So, the only way to meet them is to log in as a Cacao Code Seeker.

Wanna be a Cacao Code Seeker? All you have to do is get the book here on my site, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo. Note! If you purchase with a third-party retailer, please email me your receipt as proof-of-purchase and we'll give you access to this page and all other access-restricted areas of the Cacao Stories microsite.

Here's the real reason we're only letting Cacao Code Seekers in behind the casting curtain: if you haven't read the book, you'll have no idea who all the characters are. Right?