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I spent my twenties and a good part of my thirties traveling.  I traveled, mostly for business or professional reasons, at times for love, but I always took time off to feed my soul no matter where I was.  

In Slovakia I soaked in the memories of my homeland tucked away in tiny crevices in unknown towns; in Honduras I walked the grounds of ancient Maya ball courts; in Switzerland I took a wooden train straight up into the clouds; in Japan I escaped to a hot spring spa in the countryside; in Malta I rode the round yellow buses to whatever towns they would take me.  And in Spain, I was locked out in a Byzantine bell tower in an abandoned mountain village... with the boy I was in love with. 

It was these sacred nuggets of time, these side trips without a specific purpose or plan, where no one knew where I was, that opened up extraordinary worlds and unforgettable glimpses into the lives and stories we as a human race live every single day.

The countries listed on the left offer images from but a few of those travels... more are yet to come.  Perhaps you'll recognize a little part of you here.